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Our 6 CSR commitments at the heart of the corporate project

Our commitments

Our vision: to be the reference company that creates sustainable and responsible mobility solutions
for today and tomorrow. 

Act & Commit Together: the CSR approach at Colas Rail

Act & Commit Together (ACT) is our corporate project based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Launched in 2020 by the Colas Group, ACT is an ambitious and demanding approach that enables us to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders for a more sustainable and responsible world in France and internationally.

Our corporate strategy is organised around 6 pillars, which are:

1/ Consolidate a shared safety culture to protect

Because everyone deserves to return home safe and sound, safety is a fundamental issue for Colas Rail. This commitment aims to guarantee the health and safety of all those involved in work and maintaining rail infrastructure and rail traffic. By applying a zero-accident policy, the Group aims to reduce all health and safety risks in the workplace. A shared safety culture within our businesses is also shared across all our sites and stakeholders.

The goal? Consolidate this culture at a global level.


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 Safety culture

2/ Consolidate an exemplary culture of ethics and compliance

Ethics, like safety, is the foundation of our strategy.

Acts or complicity in corruption represent major economic and financial risks and reputational risks for the company. Ensuring that Colas Rail employees and third parties work within the framework of business ethics is essential concerning the values ​​of the Group. Colas is strengthening its culture of compliance by identifying the risks of corruption and violation of human rights, communicating ethics and compliance rules, and implementing controls relating to compliance with ethics processes and compliance.

3) Attract, develop and retain talent through managerial excellence

Colas Rail is committed to implement an inclusive recruitment policy, promoting diversity and the work of people with disabilities and integration of people far from job market. The Group thus relies on managerial excellence to attract, develop and retain talent so that they can reach their full potential throughout their careers.

Through its employer brand #DrivenBy, launched in 2021, imagined by and for our employees, with a single goal: to place people at the heart of our concerns. Colas Rail also has a diverse network “WE COLAS RAIL” whose ambition is clear: To become the reference company in terms of inclusion, diversity & equal opportunities.

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4/ Implement a low-carbon and biodiversity strategy to help respect the planet

The Group’s objective for 2030 is to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% and strengthen its social commitment to its stakeholders.


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Hydrogen refuelling station

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5/ Building a circular economy, a responsible value chain and supply chain anchored on sustainable performance

Objective: deploy a more responsible value chain and contribute to establishing a circular economy in line with our mobility and sustainable city challenges.

To meet the Group’s CSR challenges, Colas Rail has implemented a strategy to build a more responsible and sustainable value chain with its customers, suppliers, partners, and subcontractors. As an example, and to illustrate this dynamic, Colas Rail launched its first “Carbon Fighter” forum in December 2021. This event aligns with the Group’s desire to reduce its carbon footprint and strengthen its societal commitment in collaboration with its stakeholders. During this event, partners, buyers, and suppliers were present to discuss best practices, share difficult points and seek relevant solutions together. All this with a single objective: to move towards more responsible purchasing.

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Carbon fighter


6/ To offer our clients solutions that meet the challenges of sustainable development in the territories

Colas Rail imagines and offers sustainable mobility solutions for today & tomorrow

Objective: to strengthen the economic and social development of the territories. Because environmental, climatic, and societal challenges, as well as changing uses, bring both constraints and opportunities, Colas Rail is committed every day to the fight for the sustainable development of regions.

Our certifications

  • Certificate ISO 9001 COLAS RAIL
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  • Certificate ISO 14001 COLAS RAIL
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  • Certificate ISO 45001 COLAS RAIL
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