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Our values

Four values set us apart

At Colas Rail, we are convinced that our corporate culture and our values are our finest assets. We put Safety, Ethics, People and Excellence at the heart of everything we do. These values feed into our main strategies and accompany us daily in realising our ambitions.


  • Safety

    We are resolutely attached to safety, health, the environment and quality. But safety remains our main concern in all that we undertake. We believe in the principle that safety and performance go hand in hand. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and is our top priority.

  • Ethics

    For many years, respect for ethics and integrity has been an essential management principle throughout our Group. We are honest and fair-minded, and honour our commitments to our personnel, clients and other stakeholders.
    We strive to offer top-quality services we can all be proud of to enhance the value of our organisation, technique and expertise of Colas Rail.

  • People

    The men and women who work for Colas Rail are our most precious resource. We ensure that they receive the training and tools required to develop their skills so that they can fulfil their obligations to our clients successfully and in total safety. We want them to find satisfaction and fulfilment in their work, and respect their colleagues, clients and the environment in which they work.

  • Excellence

    We do our utmost to fulfil our commitments to our clients, to work professionally and apply best practices in all of our activities. We pay particular attention to our stakeholders and strive to offer them excellent value while guaranteeing the profitability of our activities. We have been ISO 9001-certified (for client satisfaction management) since 2010 for 88% of our activities. This certification demonstrates our ability to provide products and services that meet our clients’ demands and legal and regulatory standards.