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Our values

Values set us apart


At Colas Rail, we are convinced that our corporate culture and our values are our finest assets.
Our Care, Share, Dare values are at the heart of everything we do. These values feed into our main strategies and accompany us daily in realising our ambitions.




At Colas Rail, caring is a fundamental value of our corporate culture. Whether it is self-care, care for employees, care for our customers and partners or care for the environment and society – from the very essence of our activity -, we are driven by the same duty of exemplarity and benevolence. Therefore, acting ethically and preserving the safety of those who accompany us will always remain our priority.



At Colas Rail, we are convinced that the pooling of talents and resources in all their diversity, teamwork and cross-disciplinary bridges are a source of progress and new ideas.




Colas Rail is a subsidiary of Colas. The Colas Group is the fruit of an innovation that revolutionised road engineering. This pioneering mindset that founded our corporate culture and inspires our employees. We are driven to move forward, to explore new horizons, to reinvent ourselves. Therefore, at Colas Rail, it will always be possible to undertake and launch ideas and initiatives that create value to best meet our clients’ needs.