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Joining Colas Rail means choosing a sustainable future, for yourself and everyone.


Be driven by change.


Passion. Challenge. Purpose.

It is to engage in safety on meaningful projects, with a community of talents from all backgrounds whose purpose is to create sustainable mobility, to have an impact today and tomorrow on the world around you. It means daring to quickly take responsibility for a committed international leader, who gives everyone a chance and asserts their values of ethics and transparency with their customers, providers and collaborators. It is growing, learning, training and sharing alongside people of experience and expertise, who share their pride and their passion for a demanding profession like nowhere else.


These are the beautiful stories of our employees, who make Colas Rail’s history with a capital H.

It’s up to you to add yours.

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Driven by Change

At Colas Rail, we share the ambition of a sustainable future for us and everyone. A future where innovative and eco-friendly transport networks are the best way to connect everyone’s life.
And we make it happen everyday.
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Driven by Passion

Because we share the same passion, we never stop learning with each other. We are proud to work as one team and to pass on our know-how, with the same high standards all around the world.
Together, we achieve the impossible.
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Driven by Challenge

Because we dare to act big, we act internationally, collaboratively and think out of the box! We are paving the way for an eco-friendly mobility with ethics and transparency.
We want to be the model company everyone will follow.
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Driven by Purpose

Because we care about the future, we care for those who make it happen. We not only provide you high standard safety conditions, we also offer you the opportunity to create with us new solutions for a sustainable and responsible mobility.
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