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Our areas of expertise

Design – Construction – Maintenance
The complementarity of our 12 areas of expertise has made us a rail specialist, but also a multi-skilled integrator able to delivery turnkey projects that cover infrastructures’ entire life cycle.
Civil engineering
Railway signalling
Low-voltage and telecoms
Infrastructure management
Distribution sub-stations
Railway safety
Overhead lines
Rolling stock maintenance
Electro-mechanical and safety equipment
 Our areas of expertise

System integration

  •  icon  Distribution sub-stations Distribution sub-stations
    Colas Rail is specialised in designing, installing and putting into service electrical installations such as EALE sub-stations, electrical distribution and powering auxiliaries.
  •  icon  Railway signalling Railway signalling
    Colas Rail designs control and communication systems to ensure traffic safety.
  •  icon  Tracks Tracks
    Colas Rail is the undisputed leader and specialist in high-speed lines in France and on international markets.
  •  icon  Electro-mechanical and safety equipment Electro-mechanical and safety equipment
    Colas Rail provides electro-mechanical safety systems: ventilation, smoke extraction, pumping, lighting emergency exits, mechanisation of escalators and lifts.
  •  icon  Low-voltage and telecoms Low-voltage and telecoms
    Colas Rail designs and builds low-voltage systems that transport Voice / Data / Image information via wired or wireless networks (radio, WI-FI, GSM…) and technical and audio-visual supervision systems for transport infrastructures.
  •  icon  Overhead lines Overhead lines
    Colas Rail designs and builds electrification systems (overhead lines, contact lines and third rail), meeting the most complex demands.
  •  icon  Infrastructure management Infrastructure management
    Colas Rail carries out comprehensive management services for railway infrastructures for private companies: multimodal platform management, upkeep, maintenance, railway operations, audits, and works.
  •  icon  Training Training
    Approved by EPSF (, CampusFER is Colas Rail’s training, evaluation and examining body. It offers a catalogue of some sixty training courses for everybody working in the railway sector.
  •  icon  Rolling stock maintenance Rolling stock maintenance
    Colas Rail offers rolling stock maintenance services for works and commercial trains for all companies in the sector.
  •  icon  Railway safety Railway safety
    Colas Rail brings together all the skills linked to the safety of work on the network, on closed lines and lines in operation: certification and safety warnings.
  •  icon  Heavy vehicle Heavy vehicle
    Colas Rail operates and maintains, as part of maintenance operations, different types of heavy railway machinery, either on its own or on behalf of its client.
  •  icon  Civil engineering Civil engineering
    Colas Rail conducts specific engineering work in tunnels (reinforcements, gauge adjustments, mining, etc.) and foundations.