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Our top priority


Safety is and always will be Colas Rail’s core value. Our human capital lies at the heart of what we do. Whether we work on site, in an office, drive a machine or travel through our country, we all deserve to come home safe and to stay safe out of working hours.

Our Group strives to develop a real safety culture, which relies on prevention and shared vigilance. To protect the health and lives of our employees, we developed the “12 Lifesaving Rules” as a cornerstone. These rules exist to keep everyone safe and must be followed at all times. There are no exceptions or exclusions.

At Colas Rail, we are all responsible for the safety of ourselves and our colleagues. Promoting a fair culture inside the company, we encourage everyone to intervene if they feel a situation or behaviour is unsafe and goes against the rules. For that purpose, we developed a cross-platform mobile app promoting proactivity with safety called CARL (Call, Action, Response, Learn). The primary use for CARL is to provide all users with a fast and easy way for anyone to report Close Calls, thus providing concrete cases for continuous safety improvement. Also, part of CARL is the possibility to view our 12 Lifesaving Rules, record Safety Conversations and share best practices to work in complete safety.

  • Our ambition is for us all to work in an environment where nobody gets hurt, and we all go home safely at the end of each day. Colas Rail aims to become a reference for safety in the railway sector, which is why this prevention policy applies equally to temporary workers and sub-contractors.
    It is not only about us, it is about everyone.