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Health & Safety at Colas Rail, a shared culture 

At Colas Rail, we are all responsible for our safety.

Because everyone deserves to return home safe and sound, safety is the Group’s core value. This collective continuous improvement approach is part of our operational excellence objectives. This commitment aims to guarantee the health and safety of all those involved in carrying out work across the rail industry.

We aim to create a shared safety culture within our businesses, shared across all of our sites and with our stakeholders.

Our state of mind to achieve zero accidents

Colas Rail is developing its safety culture across all our sites.

It is based on prevention and shared vigilance. This philosophy is implemented through our programs to improve the group’s safety culture.

Lifesaving Rules

Specific to our 12 areas of expertise, our Livesaving Rules were created to reduce the risk of serious accidents and ensure that our approach to safety in clear and easy to understand.

We’ve developed a genuine safety culture to protect the wellbeing and lives of our employees. These rules exist to ensure everyone’s safety guaranteed at all times. There are no exceptions or exclusions with a positive and educational approach where no tolerance is accepted.

Other initiatives we have integrated into the daily lives of our employees to maximize their safety include:

  • The « Buddy Check »: action based on prevention and collective vigilance which allows two or more employees to act, together, to self-check their personal safety equipment and thus, intervene immediately if an employee puts himself at risk
  • Safety warm-ups and briefings carried out before starting any activity
  • Awareness events, such as Safety Week to improve understanding of our Lifesaving Rules and allow employees and our supply chain partners to better understand our rules by spreading awareness
  • Safety challenges (Safety observation of the month)

What are our guiding principles for this mindset?

  • All accidents or incidents are avoidable
  • Example is the key to safety success
  • All site staff must receive adequate training adapted to his/her job; so effectiveness is verified
  • No activity should start without risk analyses and prior preventive measures
  • Preventive Health & Safety measures are communicated, understood and applied by all within each team
  • Any accident and incident is the subject to an analysis and an action plan, so effectiveness is verified

Key figures

The One Safety approach

As the rail industry is subject to numerous risks, the Colas Groups has deployed a common safety approach for all its entities and subsidiaries: One Safety.

Currently being deployed within Colas Rail entities, its aim is to improve autonomy in understanding the risks and what safety behaviours to adopt. With each manager or supervisor, personally taking ownership of actions to promote report and analyse dangerous situations, or implement effective solutions to avoid high-risk situations.

For example, when an hazardous  situation is identified, employees must stop all activity and go to a secure area.

To report a dangerous situation, and in order to standardise safety processes, the Colas Group has adopted the Quick Connect tool.

Quick Connect is the reference tool for reporting safety conversations, starters, safety meetings and safety observations or other events such as good practices, areas for improvement actions or hazardous situations.

What are benefits?

  • Time saving for staff
  • Active participation and engagement of teams on site for their own safety
  • Analysis made easily & accessible

Hervé Le Joliff - Chairman
"Colas Rail, a key player in its health and safety culture. A shared culture is an essential issue for the Group. At the centre of our DNA, health and safety set the tempo of our lives and those of our employees. This is why building a collective health and safety culture, and thus enabling us to aim for zero accidents on all our sites, remains and will remain our core value. The only understandable objective in terms of health and safety at work is that all our people, including temporary workers and subcontractors, who work for Colas Rail return home every day in full physical integrity."