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Discover our process

The Green track

A patented process developed by Colas Rail in 2015, the Greenway on buckets responds to the Group's desire to implement a low-carbon strategy. This solution offers long-term operating gains by using a permanent formwork principle to limit the pouring of concrete to only areas where it is necessary.

What benefits?
- Lightening of the structure of the railway and better holding of the lawns
- Speed ​​of implementation
- Guaranteed to have green lawns without yellowing
- 30% reduction in the need for water in order to keep the green lane

Discover our machinery

  • P95T (substitute train)
  • 25000V
  • 1500V

Discover our products

  • EcoStop 2.0
  • Hydrogen refuelling station
  • KUSEC 3 KV and 1.5KV section insulators in Switzerland
  • CR Product range