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The new name of railway maintenance in France, RAMFER (Réseau des Ateliers de Maintenance Ferroviaire), the first network of private workshops in France, offers railway equipment and works companies maintenance services near their metropolitan activities.


The maintenance of railway rolling stock is a problem linked to the numerous financial, safety and energy issues. A strategy of corrective maintenance, consisting in restoring equipment after a breakdown, does not systematically respond to these issues. Similarly, planned maintenance, which aims to periodically and systematically replace equipment before a breakdown, is costly. For these reasons, it is necessary to find new approaches to assist experts in setting up preventive maintenance operations by detecting any anomalies, likely to cause a major problem (breakdown, malfunction, immobilisation of a train) in the near future. These are our tasks. Once an anomaly is detected, we must take swift action on the equipment involved and solve the incidents as quickly as possible. The RAMFER network provides responses in terms of reactivity, technicality and cost optimisation.

Our services

  • Maintenance engineering.
  • Preventive Maintenance work.
  • Corrective Maintenance and Breakdown services.
  • Refurbishment, Retrofit, Repowering.


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