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EcoStop 2.0

Launched in February 2020, it is the very first G2000 locomotive equipped with the EcoStop system.
The “EcoStop” logic/electronic system developed by RAMFER allows the main diesel engine to be stopped during the parking or waiting phases of the locomotives.

- Fuel saving of about 15%
- Reduction of CO2 emissions
- Preservation of the environment
- Reduction of noise pollution
- Reduction of maintenance costs for diesel engines and other parts of the machine.
A real responsible innovation that is in line with our positioning as a creator of sustainable mobility, at all levels of the company.

Hydrogen refuelling station

A unique and turnkey solution (from the design to delivery) of the production station & recharging of green hydrogen in order to decarbonise heavy mobility (trains, buses and trucks). Our solution guarantees fast commissioning from your hydrogen charging station, usable in the best conditions of safety & reliability.

What are the challenges of this solution? The implementation of a low-carbon strategy and CSR commitments of Colas Rail & SPAC

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KUSEC 3 KV and 1.5KV section insulators in Switzerland

Launched in 2020, new generation section insulators guarantee:
- 30% reduction in assembly time
- 4 x less maintenance
- Better life.

CR Product range

Launched in 2016, the CR product range offers scalable solutions for low current and telecommunications infrastructures adapted to railway systems:
- Video surveillance
- Railway telephony
- Sound system
- SCADA systems
- Open-source software
Customers in France: Bordeaux Métropole, IDF Mobilités, SMTC; and internationally: EMA (Algeria), RFR (Tunisia), Colas Rail Tunisia, Abidjan Metro

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