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P95T (substitute train)


Developed with the aim of meeting the requirements of our client, the SNCF, on all sleeper replacement sites, the P95T is today the first train that comes to work on High Speed ​​Lines for sleeper renewal sites and ballast. This train was implemented on a first operation on the Tarentaise side, in the Alps. The P95T itself consists of several working modules: - Sleeper wagons on which the new sleepers are packaged; - The first wagon, the ‘VES’ wagon: unbuckling wagon which allows the track to be unbuckled. Under this wagon, operators unbolt all the fasteners, to free the rail from the sleepers.

Working group that will go into action:

  • Step 1

    First step: remove the old sleepers;

  • Step 2

    Next, a stripping chain and a grooming bow which compensate for the delta in the thickness of the sleepers to restore the track to the same level before and after the train;

  • Step 3

    Finally, just behind, the installation of crosspieces which are monoblocs of approximately 300 to 320kg;

  • Step 4

    Once these sleepers have been laid, the train will bring the rail back and reattach new generation face clip fasteners.

Our high output catenary renewal trains 25000 & 1500

A world first in the industrialisation of the catenary regeneration work train, the high output catenary renewal train project was designed in 2017 to renovate, in a maximum of seven years and without stopping operation, a large part of the aging catenaries that supply electricity trains in circulation on the lines of the national rail network. This is a collaborative approach between Colas Rail and TSO Caténaires in the co-construction of the project with the pooling of skills, resources and investments.

Composed of mobile workshops dedicated to carrying out specific tasks, the high output catenary renewal train operates simultaneously and follows one another in front of each support to carry out all the regeneration work.


With TSO Caténaires, Colas Rail has formed a consortium to pool their skills. The high output catenary renewal train 25000 is a train consisting of several wagons: a central wagon and crane wagons (one crane laying wagon and one crane setting wagon).

The central wagon is used to dismantle the old pieces of armament and replace them with the new ones. It is equipped with two nacelles where the operators stand. The wagon placed upstream of the central wagon is equipped with a depot crane. It is used to evacuate the old armaments after their dismantling. Finally, the wagon placed downstream of the central wagon is equipped with a laying crane. It is used to bring the new armament parts to the operators in charge of the installer.


Unlike the 25000 V high output catenary renewal train, the 1500 V high output catenary renewal train allows the "pole + arming" assembly to be changed in one go.

Put into production in June 2021, the 1500 V high output catenary renewal train is unique in the world. It is based on two very innovative specific work trains and on industrial iso picketing, a concept hitherto unpublished in the renovation of catenaries.

The 1500 V rapid suite was developed by SNCF Réseau, Colas Rail, TSO Caténaires and the manufacturers Geismar and Novium and has been proving its effectiveness since the beginning of 2022 on a new project carried out between Fleury-les-Aubrais and Beaugency.

Objectives of the high output catenary trains

  • Improve the solutions imagined in compliance with the technical constraints set by SNCF network
  • Replace arms and pendulum
  • Reinforce safety with better operator intervention conditions

Key figures

3 to 4 times

faster than a traditional method

dividing by 3

the intervention time

€30 million

invested in the project by the consortium

100 km

of catenaries regenerated in less than 140 working days in 2020



42 km

of catenaries to be regenerated

Catenary works


armaments replaced

Installation settings


pendulums replaced

Various remodeling works (simplification of installations)

Replacement of connections, tensioning devices, crosspieces...

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