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A new metro line for the inhabitants of the Vietnamese capital

In detail




Hanoi Metropolitan Railway Board (MRB)

Areas of expertise

Tracks,Electro-mechanical and safety equipment

In 2016, Colas Rail  won a contract with Alstom and Thales for the construction of Line 3 of the Hanoi metro in Vietnam.
By the end of 2021, this line will cover 12.5 kilometres and serve 12 stations, four of which will be underground, between Hanoi station and the town of Nhon, west of the capital. NB:  8.5 km of the line will be built on a viaduct and 4 km in a tunnel.

The contract covers three different parts:

  • Part 6 concerns high voltage and the equipment for a maintenance depot.
  • Part 7 covers the electro-mechanical work, the ventilation/smoke extraction system in the tunnel and the stations, air conditioning, fire protection and detection, elevators and lifts, and the water pumping system.
  • Part 8 concerns track works.

Key Figures

  • A line running 12.5 km
  • 12 stations