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Extensions A and C of the Algiers Metro, an integrated project to relieve congestion in the city centre

In detail




Entreprise du Métro d'Alger

Areas of expertise

Tracks,Civil engineering,Rolling stock maintenance,Electro-mechanical and safety equipment,Overhead lines,Distribution sub-stations

For several years, road traffic in the Algiers city centre has become a major problem for the Algerian government, who therefore decided to launch a project to extend the metro.
Colas Rail worked on this project in partnership with the Algerian public works company Kou.G.C.

Extension A consists in extending the line by 1.7 km north of Algiers and includes two new stations in the heart of the old city. Extension C, meanwhile, aims to extend the existing metro by 3.6 km south of the city and includes three new stations.

On this vast project, Colas Rail is responsible for the trackworks, the power supply, ventilation and smoke extraction, low-voltage system and ticketing, as well as the overall coordination and systems integration.

Key figures:

  • The number of passengers using the metro has risen from 90,000 per day to over 150,000.
  • 200 people were called in to work on this project.