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Mechelen Rail Bypass project

In detail




TUC Rail (final client: Infrabel)

Areas of expertise

Civil engineering , Overhead lines , Railway signalling , Tracks

In 2017, Colas Rail Belgium won a contract for the Mechelen Rail Bypass project for TUC Rail, which is part of a more global project of 20 years of complete renovation of the Mechelen station and the mobility in the surrounding area led by Infrabel.

The goal of this project, led by our Belgian teams, is to increase the railway capacity of the station by adding tracks with platforms, thereby reducing the journey times for connections between Brussels and Amsterdam.

On this multi-business project, Colas Rail Belgium is responsible for steering and integrating the following activities: platform, signalling, catenary and track works.

Scope of works includes:

  • Removal of 2 km of track, catenary and existing signalling systems in order to replace them.
  • The installation of the double track and the switch and crossings, equipped with the signalling system.
  • Adaptation of the existing tracks works had to be carried out at night or on weekends to disrupt traffic on the line as little as possible.
  • Unwind of 6km of catenary, with the foundations building and the installation of a hundred overhead lines masts.

Also, additional waterproofing works for cable trays and civil engineering works were carried out.

The excavation, platform and transport works were carried out in collaboration with Colas Belgium and the track works in collaboration with the French Colas Rail teams.


Key figures:

  • 3 km of double track
  • 10 switch and crossings
  • 25,000 tonnes of new ballast
  • 10,000 concrete sleepers