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💭 A V.I.E at Colas Rail, what is it?


Do you want to join our implantations or worksites abroad? The V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise) is the best way to start your international adventure at Colas Rail. Expect a complete immersion in the offices of our subsidiaries or our sites (from the Hanoi metro to the Santiago metro …), where you will discover new working methods in contact with our local teams.

The number and location of our offers strongly depend on project-related news, often take a look at our offers!


💪 Qualities required

  • Taste for adventure
  • Open-mindness
  • Adaptability 


👥 Two types of opportunities


🚧 Works V.I.E: we have offers for engineers (generalists, civil engineering, mechanical engineering …) wishing to start their careers on our international sites.

💼 Management V.I.E : we have offers in accounting, finance and management control, which will be located at the headquarters of our subsidiaries.

💡 Important

  • Make sure your have a great command of the work language(s) (specified in the job description). Get ready for a change of scenery!
  • An administrative or contract-related question? Business France will be your main contact throughout your experience.

🎤 Testimonials


Hear from Constance Cavazzi, who joined our teams in Hanoi, Vietnam: