Presencia en el mundo

Atelier des Flandres

Important actor in the railway maintenance sector for more than 50 years. Located in the heart of Europe on a historic railway hub. Certified for more than 10 years AQFM (SNCF) and ISO 9001.

Historia de la filial

  • 1974: Implantation of a new worksite:  Les Mureaux (78)

  • 2008: New worksite: Saint-Varent (79)

  • 2011: Purchase of Ateliers des Flandres (59) and the company joins Colas Rail

  • 2012: Creation of the Grenay workshop (38)

  • 2016: Creation of the RAMFER network


Les Ateliers des Flandres has been specialised in rail maintenance (revisions and accident repairs) for over 50 years. It is located in the heart of Europe on an historic railway hub.

In joining the Colas Rail group in July 2011, ADF has taken on a truly European industrial dimension.

ADF has been AQFM- and ISO 9001-certified for over ten years (SNCF) and more recently obtained ECE and ECM certification (Entity in Charge of Maintenance). Today, ADF also holds the VPI label and GSI SLV certification for welding work.

The ADF workshops are part of the RAMFER network.


1 et 3, rue de Vieux Berquin

BP44 59529 Hazebrouck Cedex FRANCE