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High Speed Line Tangier - Kenitra

In detail


Kenitra - Tangier


National Railway Office (ONCF)

Areas of expertise

Tracks,Overhead lines

On September 2nd, 2013,the National Railway Office (ONCF) entrusted to the alliance made of Colas Rail Morocco, Colas Rail S.A and Egis Rail, the design and construction of the High Speed Line between Kenitra and Tangier.

It is the first High Speed Line in Morocco, but also on the African continent.


The project

This project consists of carrying out the design, execution, tracks and catenary work of this first High Speed Line, which will be over 180km between Kenitra and Tangier. In addition, two work bases are designed and constructed: one located in Kenitra and the other in Tnine Sidi El Yamani. The base located in Kenitra will subsequently become a maintenance base for high-speed trains.

The alliance will also operate the closed line (from works phase to the speed up tests), logistics management and railway training on the project, thanks to a dedicated traning center that will have delivered more than 2,598 certificated during the duration of the project.

At the same time, Colas Rail Morocco was entrusted with the construction of the Tangier terminal installations and the construction of fences along the track.


A project rooted in local life


The Tangier – Kenitra High Speed Line was an opportunity for our company to integrate into the local landscape, in particular through a local recruitment: 95% of our employees recruited locally out of 850 in total. In addition, safety awareness classes were provided to more than 3,000 students in four different schools. More than 1,000 women and men worked on the overall project.

The line was commissioned in 2018.


Key figures:

  • 187 km of double tracks
  • Operating speed of 320km/h between Tangier and Kenitra
  • 700 000 sleepers installed
  • 9 400 catenary poles supplied
  •  1 600 000 de tons of ballast
  • 50 000 tons of rail