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Safety Warnings (ASP) carries out assignments to ensure safety on railway sites and other railway safety services.

History of the subsidiary

ASP (Annonce Sécurité Pilotage) is a Colas Rail subsidiary, which was set up in 2015. Its main aim is to ensure safety on railway project sites.

ASP provides the following services:

  • Traffic warnings made by agents.
  • Portable radio warnings or DAPR (under development).
  • Installing and removing temporary speed limits.
  • Railway safety on closed lines.


In France, the railway infrastructure network management team outsources numerous services to ensure site safety: traffic announcements, works train management, mobile works and works trains on lines closed for works and free of commercial traffic, and other safety assignments.
ASP is specialised in all of these tasks.

We have several qualifications to ensure these tasks with SNCF Réseau.
New job profiles are also under development to ensure safety on our sites.
In addition, we are certified by ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001.

We have a number of regional establishments to ensure that we meet our clients’ expectations.

Major projects

In 2019, ASP successfully completed some important sites, such as providing site safety services to renew the central section of the RER A line in Paris; the modernisation of the line between Brive-Turenne and Saint Denis Les Martel and the modernisation of the line between Vic sur Cère and Neussargues.
On lines in operation, ASP has introduced numerous warning systems with service agents in the Ile de France area; traffic warning systems within the framework of ballast renewal of the European South-East high-speed line, but also service agent assignments on trackworks between Toulon and Marseille.
And finally, ASP has completed assignments to dismantle and re-install signalling installations on a number of sites in France, notably: heavy mechanical tamping operations, masonry and renovation work and ballast renewal on the South-East high-speed line.


36-38 Rue de la Princesse – 78430 Louveciennes.


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