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New contracts

Colas Rail LTD signs three contracts with Network Rail

6 June 2019
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Colas Rail Ltd, subsidiary of Colas Rail in the UK signed three contracts with Network Rail: a contract in alliance for the realization of railway systems, a signalling and telecommunications framework contract and a rail freight contract.

The first of these contracts involves the Rails Systems in the South. Colas Rail Ltd and AECOM have been awarded for railway system work including track renewal, signaling, electrification and civil engineering in the south of England for an estimated amount of £ 1.5 billion (around 1.7 billion euros). The 10 year-contract spans Control Periods 6 (2019 – 2024) and 7 (2025 – 2030)* creating an alliance between Network Rail, Colas Rail Ltd (installer) and AECOM (designer) for East Anglia, South East, Wessex, West and Wales networks.

The second contract awarded to Colas Rail Ltd concerns signaling and telecommunications infrastructures in the Western Region for an estimated amount of £ 75 million (approximately 85 million euros) over the control period 6. It includes the renewal of autonomous level crossings, preventive maintenance, renewal of telecommunications networks and civil works. Colas Rail Ltd will be involved in the design, construction, testing and commissioning of signaling and telecommunications systems.

Network Rail also attributed to Colas Rail Lrd Lot 1 and Lot 5 of a railway freight and seasonal services contract for an estimated amount of £ 12 million (roughly 13.5 million euros) per year. Colas Rail Ltd will provide rail transport, mainly ballast and carry out snow removal and frost protection operations. These new contracts will play a key role to improve network performance and reliability for users and freight.


Jean-Pierre Bertrand, CEO of Colas Rail UK, emphasizes: “These contracts testify that we are a major actor of the control period 6. I am very proud of all the employees of Colas Rail UK who contributed to these successes thanks to their constant commitment and the quality of their work. We are always committed to provide a first-rate service to Network Rail for the users’ benefit.”


* Control Period: five years period defined by Network Rail, owner and operator of most railway infrastructures in Great-Britain, for the planning of its investments.

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