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Job profiles and support functions

Colas Rail offers a wide variety of jobs so that everyone can find fulfilment and an outlet for their qualities. These jobs are spread across different areas, professions and support functions.


Materials and Equipment Maintenance

Area Materials and Equipment Maintenance
The Materials and Equipment Maintenance teams conduct upkeep and maintenance services for clients; innovating, managing, and maintaining railway rolling stock and equipment. Jobs in this area range from Equipment Technicians to Regional Equipment Managers.

Works operations / Projects

Area Works operations / Projects
The Works and Projects teams are made up of men and women working in the field. They intervene at all stages of the life cycle of railway works, from winning the market to delivering to the client. The jobs involved range from track-layer to heading a Business Unit, and include site managers or works managers, project leaders and project directors.

Studies, Engineering and Bids

Area Studies, Engineering and Bids
The Studies, Engineering and Bids teams draw up the most suitable responses to meet a client’s project at the fairest price, and offer turnkey technical solutions. Related jobs include: Studies technician, Studies Engineer, Bidding officer.

Railway safety

Area Railway safety
This is a specific area of expertise, in which the men and women involved guarantee the application of and compliance with railway activity regulations.

support functions


Area Communication
Communication staff draw up and implement internal and external communication plans to accompany the Group’s strategy by developing the value of personnel, activities, actions and initiatives.

Finance / Management / Administration

Area Finance / Management / Administration
In each unit of the Group, the Finance, Management and Administrative staff carry out the administrative, accounting and finance tasks, and guarantee compliance with procedures and legal and regulatory obligations.

Information Technology

Area Information Technology
The IT staff ensures the availability, security, performance and evolution of the company’s IT system, and serves its overall performance. IT experts accompany all of our activities and areas of expertise both in successful project completion and in everyday management, and handle all IT and telecommunication issues. They work to meet high-quality service objectives.

Legal Department

Area Legal Department
The Legal Department oversees all stages of a project’s security from the moment the contract is negotiated to the moment the project is delivered. More broadly, legal experts provide advice and support to all the other areas, and  all activities to curb regulatory risks on a daily basis.

Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment

Area Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment
The men and women working in Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment oversee and ensure compliance with commitments in terms of safety, the Group’s top priority value, health and the protection of the environment. They intervene mainly to support Works/Projects teams.

Human Resources

Area Human Resources
Human Resources personnel manage the people who work for the company, and help them advance, in compliance with the Group’s commitments and values.


Area Procurement
Buyers supply the Group by selecting, negotiating and acquiring the goods and services required for its smooth running in the best possible conditions, to meet its targets of profitability, quality and sustainable development.