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Abdellah Boujdi - Overhead line site manager


My name is Olivier Armillotta . I'm 28 and joined Colas Rail in January 2009.

Mon parcours

I graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers. Then, in 2009 I joined Colas Rail as a works engineer first at Epinay-sur-Seine, then with the Regional Major Works division.
Since 2012, I have been a project manager on the track-building site at Gisors Serqueux.

A typical day in my job

JAbove all, my job involves working in a team. Every day brings with it a new challenge, which we meet together.
I must know how to choose the right people, the appropriate means and equipment, always try to take a step back and adapt the methods to the various situations on site.
It's up to me to find the suppliers, and reliable, reactive partners to conduct our many-facetted projects smoothly.
Working relations are very important, whether within the company or externally.


Taking safety into account is important from the outset, during the site preparation. Methods and the organisation of the equipment flow are chosen and adapted in accordance with safety issues and technical problems.
Very often, we realise that the two go hand in hand, as when seeking to make our work safer we simplify and optimise, and find innovative technical solutions that make us more efficient and more profitable.

Young people and my job

Colas Rail offers personnel at all levels great autonomy and numerous opportunities for development.
Everywhere we go, the landscape changes, and the decisions we take in the field leave a lasting trace, so we re very proud when we travel through France and visit the sites we have worked on, which remind us of all those special moments we experienced.
Our job enables us to discover numerous regions and new people, which I find very enriching personally. You also have to know how to make sacrifices though, such as being away from home sometimes, but the adventure makes it really worthwhile.